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Increase Your WooCommerce Revenue with Dynamic Extra Fees

Add various types of extra fees to your WooCommerce checkout page with ease. Simplify the purchase process, drive more sales, and boost your revenue with WooCommerce Extra Fees.

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“The ability to calculate complex
conditional fees is wonderful.”

– Tom

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Enhance Your WooCommerce Store with
WooCommerce Extra Fees

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Dynamic Pricing Rules

Create dynamic pricing rules based on user selection such as packaging fee, quick delivery, Secure order, Heavyweight, user role, and more. 

Set up surcharges and other types of fees based on your business needs.

Easy Customization

Experience the power of an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to customize the checkout experience for your customers. 

Easily merge or rename the fees as per your requirements, without any coding knowledge!

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Extreme Flexibility

WooCommerce Extra Fees offer a high degree of flexibility with support for multiple types of extra fees, such as percentage-based fees, fixed fees, per-product fees, and more.

You can also set up custom fees for specific payment or shipping methods.

Customers love us 😍

WooCommerce extra fees plugin

Very useful

Perfect customer service and resolution of doubts. Very powerful and flexible plugin. 100% recommending

Antonio Pol | Technical Manager

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

WooCommerce extra fees plugin

Awesome Support!

We had a conflict with another plugin and as soon as I reported it, their support team went above and beyond to find and fix the problem. They sent me the updated version of the plugin and worked tirelessly with me to resolve the issue. I have never had any plugin support team go to this extreme to make sure their plugin worked with my stack. I rarely write reviews, but these people deserve it. Thank you so much!

Bjbowen | Owner, Williamston

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

WooCommerce extra fees plugin

Best plugin

I can confidently state this is the best plugin out there. Also, the support is extremely helpful and willing to make your experience perfect

Rajarathinam M | COO

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

WooCommerce extra fees plugin


Very customizable product, fast and competent assistance as well as very helpful. I was very satisfied because the plugin did exactly what I bought it for. I certainly recommend it.

Fabio Celli | Operational Head

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

WooCommerce extra fees plugin

Exactly what I was looking for.

Needed a function that would apply an additional processing fee when customers choose a credit card vs invoicing option for Woocommerce payment in checkout. Purchased and installed WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin Pro and in just a few clicks this was up and running!

Dave Landon | Operational Head

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

WooCommerce extra fees plugin

Responsive Customer Support, you can count on

We had a very specific need for our Woocommerce website and we were having a really difficult time finding a suitable plugin that would let us assign a bottle deposit fee to our products. We needed absolute control over the fee on a per-product variation to need State and local laws. My contact, Hitendra, made sure to explain the process, costs, and timeline with the custom coding and delivered as expected – on time.

Dan | Operational Head

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

WooCommerce extra fees plugin

Easy to customize

The ability to calculate complex conditional fees is wonderful. When I needed one extra feature that wasn’t built-in, the DotStore coders provided me with the extra code within a day. That is what I call professional service!

Tom | Technical Manager

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

WooCommerce extra fees plugin

Great plugin for fees

Great plugin, does exactly what it says on the box. Support was also very helpful with some unique business requirements.

Phil | CTO

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

WooCommerce extra fees plugin

Just did it

We’ve been using the Conditional Product Fees For WooCommerce Checkout plugin for almost 2 years. They just did a custom modification for us and that process went quickly and smoothly and is working great. We continue to be impressed with the quality and capabilities of their plugin and their support is among the absolute best we have found anywhere. Thank you Dotstore!

Marc Vendetti | Sr. Developer

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

An In-depth look at all our features


Set conditional rules and decide how you want to calculate product fees at the time of checkout. Easily add extra fees based on

  • Flat Rate
  • Dynamic Price using Percentage
  • Product Variant and Quantity
  • Product Category and Tags
  • User-Roles
  • Cart Subtotal
  • Cart Weight
  • Shipping Class and Location
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Gateway

Add extra fees based on country, state, postal code/shipping zip code, zone, or complexity of shipping to that location.

Advanced rules enable you to charge additional shipping fees for specific products, product categories, cart subtotal and weight, shipping class, and product quantity. Set recovery costs for carts with subtotals or weights less than standard.


Add custom fees based on the type of user or user role. You can set varying shipping fees for admins, vendors, recurring customers, members, subscribers, one-time buyers, guest customers, and more.


Charge different prices for different variants of a product in terms of size, color, shape, manufacturer, and more. You can charge a fixed extra fee for product variants or a percentage of the item price.


Increase revenue by charging extra fees for specific product categories. Set up additional fees based on product tags.

Create tiered or range-based conditional rules and charge extra fees if they’re met, during the checkout. For instance, you can charge $X for up to 20 products in the cart and $Y if the number of products exceeds 20.

Enable Min/Max Based Checkout Fees

Charge extra fees as per the minimum and maximum limits based on the product’s price, cart subtotal, cart quantity, and weight. Add extra fees if the cart varies from standard preset values of product quantity, weight, cart total, shipping quantity, or shipping class.

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Why our customers love us

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    Top-of-the-Line Customer Support

    Responsive, fast, and competent. That’s our user support. Our customer service is world-class and we’ve been consistently appreciated for our clear and quick solutions to customer issues.

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    Solutions you can trust

    Built with integrity, coded with precision, and optimized for performance, our plugins are designed to help you get the most out of your WooCommerce store.

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    Flexibility for Customization

    Highly customizable and compatible with all major plugins, WooCommerce Extra Fees can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you have a retail store or a membership business on WooCommerce, we have you covered!

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    Easy to use and set up

    Simplicity is the name of our game. We believe in creating user-friendly plugins that are intuitive and ridiculously simple to use, with accessible features and straightforward interfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • WooCommerce Extra Fees helps store owners charge customers fairly for any and every additional service or personalization they offer, protecting them from underselling their products. This can include fast delivery, product branding, and much more.
  • Yes, WooCommerce Extra Fees rules can be applied for multiple conditions such as cart quantity, cart total, delivery location, delivery class, and more.   For instance, you can choose to set up extra fees if the cart quantity exceeds 10 products or the cart total is more than $50.
  • Yes, by adding the location parameter in your conditional rules, an extra product fee is added at checkout. You can choose from the country, state, postcode, and zone.   E.g. You can set up a condition in which you charge extra fees from a customer who wants products delivered to ‘London’.
  • Yes, you can schedule the fees to be charged between a particular period by setting the date range; this can be done using the Admin Dashboard.
  • Yes, you can apply WooCommerce conditional logic dependent on the product SKU.    So, if you want to charge a 5% extra fee when the SKU is PROD21, you will need to create a conditional rule in admin based on the PROD21 SKU and add 5 and select ‘percentage’ from the ‘Fee Type’ dropdown. This ensures you can charge a 5% extra fee if a customer chooses a product with the PROD21 SKU.
  • Yes, you apply WooCommerce conditional logic depending on the user role.   So, if you want to charge a 5% extra fee when the specific user role is “WHOLESALER”, you will need to create a conditional rule in admin based on the WHOLESALER user role and add 5 and select ‘percentage’ from ‘Fee Type’ dropdown. This ensures you can charge a 5% extra fee if a WHOLESALER user role customer purchased products on an online store.


See how Extra fees for WooCommerce look for both customers and admin users.

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    02 Add different types of extra fees

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    03 Charged deposit for rental clothes

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    04 Applied different additional charges

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Super-fast support

I had a small problem with the configuration of the Extras fee plugin and the support helped me with very clear emails and videos that solved my problem very quickly. Thanks again, you guys are super!


Great Support

Have had Extra Fees for a few years. Always been great. Had a problem last week and needed support. Company tried to trouble shoot with me. Then logged in with my permission found the problem and fixed plugin while logged in. I am in support with my company and it is great when you have a support team to work with like that. Unbelievable

Steve Schoenfeld

Great Plugin

Great Plugin. Quick Support. Exactly what I was looking for.


The product is formidable, it does exactly what it says! I had some question related to it and the support team was really helpful and very fast! Thank you for your great service!

Emanuel T

Great product works straight out of the box! The plugin gives me additional flexibility for my product pricing strategies. Especially in setting up Free Product Cost and only pay for shipping which I could not find a way to do easily with the core WooCommerce.

Bohdan Poperechny


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    Installation Guide

    Read through our in-depth installation and user guide to learn all about the WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin.

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    We’ve published 100s of step-by-step videos and tutorials on how to use our plugins for a wide range of purposes.

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    We work on consistently updating our products with useful and unique features.

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