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Streamline Your Store’s Stock Management

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Stock Control at the Attribute Level

Expertly govern your stock at the attribute level. Benefit from shared stock across all products/variations with any assigned attributes. Plus, conveniently establish multiple attribute and term combinations to dictate attribute stock.

Prevent Stock Outages

Display the precise product’s attribute and term combination stock availability for customers, preventing overselling. Thus, ensure your products never show “out-of-stock” status undesirably.

WooCommerce Attribute Stock Feature 2
WooCommerce Attribute Stock Feature 3

Versatile Quantity Multipliers

Efficiently deduct different quantities of attribute stock or product/variation stock per unit, ideal for various measurements like weights, packs, lengths, etc. For instance, set 3 as the quantity multiplier for a group with 3 attributes and term combinations.

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Attribute-Based Stock

Experience stock management on a whole new scale at the attribute level! Share stocks across all products/variations with similar assigned attributes. Set up multiple attribute and term combination groups to apply stock rules efficiently.

Limit Product Stock

Empower your customers with real-time stock availability of product’s attributes and term combinations. Prevent overselling and never face an unwanted “out-of-stock” situation.

Quantity multipliers

Deduct different quantities of attribute stock or product/variation stock per unit. Useful for measurements, weights, packs, lengths, etc. E.g, if we have 3 attributes and term combinations in one group in the rule then we should set 3 as the quantity multiplier.

Product filters

Apply attribute stock rules based on filter-selected products, categories, and product types. This provides unique product restriction capabilities, ensuring maximum control over your stock rules.

11 Stock threshold old limit

Set a stock threshold limit to ensure you’re always aware of your inventory status. Once your stock nears the limit, it’s highlighted in red prompting timely action.

All matched groups

Activate the ‘match-all group’ feature to reduce stock for every matched attribute group. This works even when there are multiple matched attributes for a product/variation.

05 Quick stock update

Need to modify attribute-based stock quantity on-the-go? Make quick stock updates straight from the listing without opening the rule, speeding up your stock management process.

03 Attribute stock shown on the front side

Prepare and show the availability of each attribute and term combinations for products/variations, making your stock management comprehensive yet user-friendly.

06 Import /Export with type selection

User-friendly import and export of attribute stock rule data in both CSV and JSON formats, catering to your exact needs, and making data movement a breeze.

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See how Attribute Stock for WooCommerce looks for both customers and admin users.

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    01 Rule title settings

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    02 Rule listing with attribute stock combination

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    03 Attribute stock shown on the front side

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    04 Attribute stock and filter sections on the admin side

  • attribute stock plugin image 5

    05 Quick stock update

  • attribute stock plugin image 6

    06 Import /Export with type selection

  • attribute stock plugin image 7

    07 Quick rule availability toggle

  • attribute stock plugin image 8

    08 Listing column show/hide and pagination

  • attribute stock plugin image 9

    09 Rule stock quantity

  • attribute stock plugin image 10

    10 Rule note for details of the rule

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    11 Stock threshold old limit

  • attribute stock plugin image 17

    12 All group-matched rules applied

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